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Review for Tissot Watches

Tissot, a worldly famous manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches was founded in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland. It has been associated with The Swatch Group Ltd. since 1983 which is worldly famous and one of the largest producer and distributor of watches.
In 1853, the first pocket watch having two time zones was introduced by Tissot. In the same year, it also introduced the first mass-produced pocket watch. Further more in 1930, it introduced the first anti-magnetic watch. The trend of making out of plastic watches, stone, wood and mother of pearl was also introduced by it. Then in 1930, Omega watch making family and Tissot was merged and Tissot-Omega watches also got good name among people. “T-Touch” technology has been introduced recently by Tissot that contains sensitive sapphire crystals to manage different technologies like barometers, compasses, thermometers and altimeters. 

Tissot is also the Official Timekeeper of major sports, including MotoGP, Cycling, Ice Hockey, the Fencing World Championships and many more. Tissot watches models include Classic Desire, Racing Touch, Quadrato, PR 100 Titanium, Bellflhour, LOVE T-TOUCH, Diver Seastar Automatic 1000, Visodate, Stylist BB and so many others.

Tissot Watches are famous in numerous countries of the world. In Pakistan as well, its watches are quite famous and it comes in the list of top watch brands in the country. Whether it is Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore or any other city, people of all the cities prefer to buy Tissot Watches in Pakistan as these watches fulfill their desires and requirement regarding watches.

Tissot Watches Prices in Pakistan are also not so high and people easily manage to buy its watches.  Tissot ladies and gents watches both are famous here. It’s models like Tissot Seaster, Heritage, Racing Touch, Gold Watch, Two Toned, Ballae III and others are quite famous here in the country.

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