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Luxury Tag Heuer Watches

Swiss family of Edward Heuer is the manufacturer and producer of Top Avant Grade watches. Switzerland is the foremost pioneer in producing foremost precision watches in the entire world and Mr. Edward Heuer founded Tag Heuer Company in 1960. The first model produced by them was named Tag Heuer.

Since then the company has been producing some of most luxurious watches in the world. Their watches have remained under use by the aviators since aeroplanes came into being and then by the astronauts and sea-farers. Their chronograph is one of the finest watches which can be used in deep sea waters with accuracy.

Trendsetter Tag Heuer Watches are popular in the men’s watches category all over the world since their inception. They boast of accuracy and long life despite the fact that in those days mechanical watches were being made and battery powered watches were not even in the dreams of watchmakers. It was a great task for watch maker to make his watch show absolutely accurate time. Everyday the watch had to be rewound so as to keep the clockwork going. In those days Tag Heuer produced a watch which could keep running for a week after winding its machine.

Then came the time of automatic watches in which the mechanical system automatically winded itself with the movement of hands and arms. They were followed by automatic chronograph watches, which simply took the men’s luxury feelings by the storm. It was not only precise in timing, it was beautifully designed and displayed a proper masculine look. Tag Heuer’s designs, models, beauty, working, precision and luxuriousness is unmatchable in the entire watch manufacturing world.

Tag Heuer began to venture into women’s watches too and produced some extravagant styles to appease the feminine taste. The material company used was by far the best available in durability and elegance; that became a trade mark for the company. Tag Heuer prices are very attractive and suit every pocket size.

Nowadays these watches are owned by so many celebrities around the world which include film stars, top international players, astronauts and aviators, athletes, etc. These watches are available in countless designs with superb materials and designer’s straps and chains to appease the eyes and satisfy the heart of people all over the world.

Recently Tag Heuer has announced that they shall be producing smart watches in near future. This is a big step in watch manufacturing technology and after Apple Company, Tag Heuer will be first company to enter the Android technology in watch manufacturing. is one of the leading online stores that sells Tag Heuer watches in Pakistan. You just order your desired watch of this brand online and receive at your home.

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