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CS G-Shock WR30M MS-2885
$1,999.00 $1,199.00
41 % off
CS G-Shock WR30M MS-2884
$1,999.00 $1,199.00
41 % off

Buy Casio Watches Online in Pakistan with Lowest Price

If you’re looking for some amazing sporty timepieces then look no further as, continues the tradition of bring the most affordable wrist watches in Pakistan. Check out our Casio watches for Men which consist of all famous models such as Casio G Shock WR20 Bar, Casio G Shock WR30M and other popular models launched by the Japanese Watch Maker.

 If you’re an outgoing and adventure seeker type of a person then the G Shock series is just right for you as it built to handle vibration and mechanical shocks caused by outdoor activities. Moreover, G Shock perfectly combines digital and analog functionality along with stop watch, timer, and backlight features. These beautifully crafted wristwatches are also able to resist water, so if you’re going on fishing trip or boating trip then you don’t need worry about getting some splash of water on your Casio G Shock Watches.

Furthermore, our online shopping store offers you convenience and expediency without having to deal with overcrowded Pakistani markets. You can place your order for your Casio watches online in Pakistan and we will deliver it to your home whether you’re living in a cosmopolitan city like Karachi or residing in small town in Punjab like Vehari or any other part of the country. You also have the choice to pay online or go for cash on delivery option. Besides, all the services offered at are designed by keeping your comfort in our mind. 

When it comes down to quality, our Casio G Shock Watches collection is second to none. You will always find timepieces which are of the highest quality and the cherry on the top is that it is very affordable and it does not cost the earth.

Casio G Shock WR20 Bar

This outdoor timepiece comes with a beautifully design dial that utilizes both digital and analog technology. The rubber strap is a great addition to Casio G Shock WR20Bar, since when you’re going out for a physical activity it mostly involves sweat and rubber strap prevents any type of rashes on the wrist compared to leather strap.

Furthermore, you can setup up to four alarms depending on your daily schedule and routine. On the right side of the dail, there is a small gauge included which tells the actual pressure of the water when you’re going for a scuba diving or when you’re under water.

In addition to, you can also set different time fly zones for example if you’re going to another country then you can set analog dial to display Pakistan’s time, and use the digital dial to set the time at destination country. Casio G Shock Watches are the best accessories for any adventurer who loves to travel frequently.